acrylic mirror sheet cut to size

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acrylic mirror sheet cut to size

Why Plastic Mirrors Are Better Than Acrylic Mirrors

Our Acrylic mirrors can be cut to the exact size or shape you need here at The Plastic People.

Glass is not the only option we offer. This is because they are shatterproof, mark-resistant, and 17x stronger than glass. Consequently, they are popular in outdoor areas, public spaces, and dance studios, gyms, and gardens.

Order mirrors over one meter in 5mm thickness. Acrylic is flexible, which can cause reflection distortions. By using 5mm thickness for more oversized mirrors, this can be reduced.

Home or garden acrylic mirrors cut to size.
Mirrors cut to size can create the illusion of a more extensive, lighter garden or add a decorative touch.

You can also use them indoors. As mentioned above, they are also common in fitness studios and can be used in playrooms as child-safe mirrors.

In stables, you can install an acrylic mirror cut to size.

Mirrors for horses are a safe alternative to glass and still provide comfort and companionship for the animals.
How to order an acrylic mirror
Acrylic mirror sheets are cut to your exact size. Use our Quote Calculator to determine the actual size you need.
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Mirrors made from acrylic: how to install them

Our acrylic mirror adhesive can be successfully used without adversely affecting the mirrored acrylic when bonding Mirrored Acrylic to wood, brick, plaster, and other wall substrates. This adhesive is for indoor use only. If you intend to place the mirror outside, please contact us for details of a suitable adhesive.

Additionally, you can drill large holes into your acrylic mirror and fasten it to the wall with screws. To ensure that your mirror is securely mounted, we recommend drilling screw holes approximately 300mm around the material.

The acrylic mirror must be fitted to a flat surface for a perfect finish since its flexibility is greater than that of glass. It is best to mount it to something rigid such as three-quarter-inch plywood before mounting it to a wall that is not flat or uncertain.

Acrylic mirror cleaning

Maintaining a clean and shiny mirror is very easy – although there are a few things to remember.

Avoid cleaning acrylic with solvents. It’s better to stick with a soft cotton cloth and warm water than to use chemical cleaners, which can damage the surface of the plastic.

acrylic mirror sheet cut to size

Acrylic sheet plastics cut to size