Acrylic substitute for Perspex Sheet or Glass sheet

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Acrylic substitute for Perspex Sheet or Glass sheet

Clear cast acrylic, also known as Perspex Sheet, is a high-quality and versatile clear plastic sheet that offers high levels of strength and clarity. Cast acrylic sheet works well for a wide range of applications.

These are the key features:
Clarity of vision is excellent
with a high gloss finish
that is extremely durable
as well as weather-resistant
and is easy to manufacture
and lightweight
Typical applications include:
for furniture
manufacturing and display
displays for retail
POS systems
at the point of sale
The following is a detailed description:
Clarity of vision
Clear cast acrylic transmits 92% of all visible light, which creates a crystal clear finish that is unparalleled. There is no glass that can come close to it. This makes clear cast acrylic an excellent substitute for glass in glazing applications.

Plastic sheet materials such as cast acrylic offer better durability and attractive aesthetics than any other thermoplastic sheet material.

It is light in weight
Clear cast acrylic offers the same level of clarity as glass, but it weighs half as much as an equivalent glass panel, which makes fabrication, installation, and transportation much easier.

Easy to clean high gloss finish
Besides being very attractive, its high gloss finish is also very easy to clean.

Cast acrylic stands up well to the elements outdoors thanks to its excellent resistance. The appearance should not change much in the next 10 years.

Process of manufacturing
In a carefully controlled manufacturing process, cast acrylic is produced by pouring monomer between two sheets of high-quality glass and polymerizing it in batches.

It is possible to recycle cast acrylic all the way back to its original raw material, the monomer.

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