Clear Acrylic Sheet – Walls

Clear Acrylic Sheet – Walls

As arduous as we tend to strive, generally it’s not possible to keep walls and surfaces clear and clean from detritus and dirt. after an amount of time, such exposure will cause irreversible harm, resulting in expensive repairs or the requirement to exchange entire sections of plaster, wallpaper and any other unprotected surface.

Some of our customers have shared their ingenious ideas with us, wherever they used simple to use, reasonable clear plastic textile to guard their belongings and residential.

Clear Acrylic Sheet Cut to Size Used in Bicycle Storage

Cycling is an increasingly widespread mode of transport and pleasant hobby, however therewith comes the matter of storing bikes safely in a very house far from the wet weather. Storing them inside is maybe the simplest plan, however this brings with it the danger of damaging walls behind them, with scuff marks and grease.

This client has used clear plastic textile to guard an enclosed wall from being marked by bicycles, that is easy to cut to size and may have pre-drilled fixing holes if you need.

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Acrylic sheet plastics cut to size