Secondary Glazing of Home Windows

Secondary Glazing of Home Windows

When it comes to sound proofing or insulating a room, secondary glazing the windows is the way to go.

For some of the design of the windows replacing them with double glazing becomes hard. In that case we can use acrylic for secondary glazing to complete the task.

Acrylic sheets can easily be used to save an existing window and provide sound and thermal protection.

Due to its availability online and also on stores, one can get a wide variety of acrylic sheet easily.

Extruded or cast acrylic secondary glazing?

Sometime its not a possibility to replace the whole window due to its aesthetics, shape or design.

A secondary window made out of acrylic is the best option which is cost effective and gets the work done.

Although in terms of quality acrylic sheets also comes in different variant of products. Two major type of acrylic are Extruded or cast acrylic. Cast acrylic is of higher quality and is more durable, Extruded acrylic is much cheaper but has its own advantages and disadvantages.

It is cheaper due to its production process; more acrylic sheets result from the same amount of raw material. The rolling process increases the internal tensions of the acrylic sheets, leaving them more prone to breaking that cast acrylic. Cast acrylic is poured into a moulded during production, which creates a sheet with almost no internal tensions.

We at acrylicsheetcuttosize recommend choosing a cast acrylic sheet when you are planning to make your secondary glazing.

For secondary glazing the best choice is clear acrylic. Acrylic sheets come in other shades and finishes, like frost or tinted acrylic.

Which are useful for creating a sunblock or a privacy screen. Acrylic can easily be ordered in our website. We recommend using a sheet that is at least 4 millimeters. know that acrylic can expand due to temperature change.

If you are plan on placing the secondary glazing inside the window frame, choose a sheet that is 5 mm less wide and 5 mm less high. With the correct installation

Secondary Glazing of Home Windows
method, the sheet will stay right in its spot and have the necessary room to expand.


Installing secondary glazing

You can install the secondary glazing to a window in two ways.
1. On the inside of the window frame

  1. Against the windows frame

When placing against the window frame. It is much easier to mount or dismount the window, which makes it a good choice for temporary or seasonal purpose.

While on the other hand installing it on the inside of the window frame requires lot more work, like glazing beads with foam tape to deal with the expansion due to temperature changes.

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