Acrylic Nameplate

Acrylic nameplate

Due to its durability and sturdy nature, acrylic sheets can be used in many numerous ways. Name plates in general are very easy to make and assemble. It can be a good DIY project and can be made with minimal effort.

Things you will need to make a nameplate

For cutting of acrylic sheet you would need a Jigsaw and for making holes to hang your nameplate you would require a variable speed drill. These are the only electrical tool you would need in this project. HSS drill is good for drilling holes in acrylic sheet, the cutting can be done with a fine-toothed saw for soft metals, such as aluminum. 

You would require a roll of masking tape for making the marks for sawing and drilling. When sawing it is very important to keep the edges neat, this can be done with the help of sandpaper grit 120-240.

Then for your name, you have the option to paint or engrave the lettering. For painting you can use acrylic paint and a brush. For engraving, you can use Dremel and an engraving drill. You would need a non-erasable marker or fineliner for marking out the letters.

Lettering and engraving the acrylic sheet:

To begin the real craftsmanship: marking the lettering. For lettering, regardless of whether you are going to paint or engrave, it should be at the back of the sheet. That means that you will have to work in mirror image later on. This is easier if you have a good template or you can get many templates online as well. You can simply mark the lettering on the foil on the front and print out your design. After that place it under the nameplate, and mark it on the front.

To start the engraving process of the sheet, after you have marked out your design at the back. Turn the acrylic sheet and remove the foil at the back. As precaution while engraving fine dust and high frequency sound is produced, so its good to use earplugs and a respirator that you can get from a general store. 

The engraving can be started with the outline of your design and letters, use engraving bit with a convex head of 1 to 2 millimeters wide. Don’t try to engrave in a hurry as the acrylic starts melting during machining. You will need to maintain low to moderate speed to keep the acrylic from melting or sticking to the machine. Practicing a little on a spare sheet before moving to real nameplate is always a good choice.


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