Acrylic usage in office designs

Acrylic Usage in Office Designs

Acrylic usage in office designs

Acrylic sheets are nowadays the number one product chosen when creating office divisions within a small portion of office. It has replaced wood, glass due to its impact resistance and immune to harsh environments and accidents. With lower cost Acrylic sheets is the way to go when designing office space.

Lower cost doesn’t in any way mean that it is lower in quality or grade as compared to wood or glass. It’s the other way around. It is more resistant to impact, chemicals, and if it breaks it breaks in big chunks as compared to glass which shatters in smaller pieces.

Nowadays with technology we have the tools and vision to see ahead of construction, as to how the end product will look like. We have 3d software’s which gives us the exact replica of office space and that way we can design it at our own will, and safe and utilize the maximum space for productivity.

Acrylic sheets which are available in many forms are a perfect fit for wall divisions, office tables, stands and even writing boards for meeting rooms. Nowadays acrylic sheets play a major role is the design of offices.

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