Clear Acrylic sheets

Clear Acrylic® sheet

Clear Acrylic® acrylic is a versatile plastic sheet that is ideal for general fabrication purposes. As a cheaper alternative to cast acrylic, extruded acrylic sheets within the range of 2mm to 10mm are lightweight, impact-resistant and easy to work with.

Clear Acrylic Sheet

We provide clear Acrylic® acrylic which can be cut to the customer requirement in a variety of thicknesses from 2mm – 25mm.

Key Features:

Following are the key features of Acrylic® sheets, also known as acrylic sheets.


  • It is Lightweight and impact resistant
  • It has Uniform thickness and a smooth finish
  • It is more impact resistant than glass
  • It is Strong and durable
  • It is Chemical resistant
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has Low moisture absorption rate
  • It is UV resistant and a 10-year outdoor guarantee
  • It is up to 92% light transmittance – above than traditional glass
  • Its sheet manufacturing process is mostly Extruded from 2 mm till 10 mm, after that it is Cast acrylic.
  • Can be written on with a whiteboard marker pen
  • It is suitable for laser cutting
  • It is supplied with protective film on both sides

Extruded Acrylic sheets are manufactured by extruding the resin over a production line which offers a uniform thickness and an excellent surface finish. A good replacement for glass in a number of ways, Extruded Acrylic is more than ten times resistant to impact than glass and has excellent UV stability.

It is a great choice of material for the replacement of greenhouse panels and secondary glazing. it can offer 15-20 years of lifetime service in all weathers. It performs well wherever a strong, lightweight and shatterproof material is needed – especially in environments where safety is a concern.

Clear acrylic is also known by the trade names of Acrylic ®, Lucite ®, Altuglas ® and Plexiglass ®.

In addition to its strength, the versatility of Acrylic sheet acrylic is more extended by its lightweight, resistance to chemicals and low moisture absorption rate which makes it good for food contact and for use in hygienic places.

It is much easier to maintain and can be cleaned with a soft cloth added with a little soap and warm water.

Available in a broad range of standard and custom colours, let acrylicsheetcuttosize be the centre of your one-stop plastic for any brand, shape, or product. We have a proud heritage of customer service and reliability. Our expansive warehouse and manufacturing facility combined with experienced personnel assure that you receive the service and prices that you deserve.

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