Extruded Acrylic sheets

Extruded Acrylic sheets

As already mentioned in our previous blog post, Acrylic substance are synthetic resins that are formed by a chemical reaction that occurs with a monomer and a catalyst. These types of products are currently being used instead of glass due to their lighter weight by up to 50%. The acrylic products are even more transparent than glass itself.

Extruded Acrylic sheet
Extruded Acrylic sheets

Extruded acrylic sheet involves an uninterrupted manufacture producing method in which the acrylic atoms are first warmed up then moved through barrels in which the main chemical process takes place. Due to which as a result, extruded acrylic is diversified with properties that may differ with how the extrusion process has been completed.

It costs less than the cast acrylic but is more elastic and proportionally stable. What that means is that all over its thickness is more proportional across sheets. It is softer, its melting point is lower than Cast Acrylic. It is easier to laser cut due to its softness. Also, it is easier to polish due to its much softer nature, which in turn takes less effort to polish its surface. The downside of Extruded acrylic is that it is less resistant to dirt or lint. Due to its low melting point, it is mostly used for cementing and thermoforming.

Benefits of Extruded Acrylic sheets

We can summarize the benefits of extruded acrylic sheets as follows:

  • It is thermoformable, that is, it has the ability to be shaped easier using head and pressure.
  • Costs less than glass or Cast acrylic
  • It also has very best optical properties.
  • It is more resistant to impacts compared to pure glass
  • It has good electrical and Ultra Violet resistivity.
Extruded Acrylic sheets
Extruded Acrylic sheets

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